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Macabre Night EP (2016)

 SCARECROW "Macabre Night" 7"EP Coming 6.6.2016
 There is four songs 7" + Free CD!

Macabre Night
They Live
6ore 6ore 6irls*
 Shaved Pale Pussy*
*Studio outake

This is the first cut from the upcoming album "Exterminators".
This 7" is very limited. Only 138 copy on purple vinyl.

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Scarecrow is a horrorpunk band from Finland, from small town named Hyvinkää. 
The band was born in new year 1999-2000. The name Scarecrow is based on 
song from the Misfits band and the logo of the Samhain band. I looked for players 
in my band for about six months and wanted them to play rough but melodic horrorpunk. 
The mean thing was to make Scarecrow known as horrorpunk
band. Of course only the way I wanted it to be! Often in horrorpunk rock scene 
there is too much copycat bands, lame and fake. Many bands are lacking of 
the vision and the courage to do their own stuff. I wanted defenetely impact 
on the scene that I adore, so it would stay alive and get some
credibility. In almost fifteen years we have made hell of a lot stuff and seeked 
for melodic ,brutal and fast, but also deadly slow songs. I created Scarecrow 
and it will be as long as I live. Scarecrow has made several releases, 
hundreds of gigs, 170 songs recorded in studio and wasted hunred litres
of blood. We have made a lot, but there is much more to do! 

Lineup in studio 2015-2016:
Vocals, Guitar - Jack13
Guitar – Ruho (Azaghal, Frogskin)
Bass - JLNokturnal (Ex-Azaghal)
Drums - Slagh (Misled generation)
Drums – Määttä von Wolfman

2016 – EXTERMINATORS OF THE YEAR 4000  CD/12" Release: November 2016 82 Records/ DSB Rec.
2016 - Macabre Night 7”+ CD 82 Records
2015 - MaggotBox 2000-2015 2CD 82 Records
2014 - Amores De Vampiros 7"EP 82 Records
2013 - FLESHEATERS III CD DSB Rec/ 82 Records / HPGD Prod.
2009 - THE TERROR CD/12" DSB Rec
2006 - DEADCROW CD/12" DSB Rec
2005 - La morte vivante miniCD DSB Rec
2005 - Tales from the crypt MC Split w/ Lucien
2004 - Fuck the world 7"EP Split w/Sex sex sex DSB Rec.
2004 - Black Chains / Endless spine miniCD Dead Club ristro
2002 - Evil never dies / Creepshow EP 12" DSB Rec

HVNK EP 2014
We got chance to participate in release of our hometown including punk rock and we decided to
record couple of songs in tight schedule.  I have always loved Troma movies and I  was excited
about doing song in which Troma influenced. "Return to... Nuke em high" is  punk rock smash in
two parts  which was fucking fun to do! Our new bass player Hellhound had to come to the studio
at our first meeting and that`s how we got the songs ready.  We didn`t have time to co-produce
these songs, but what the hell, it doesn`t matter in punk!
Sometimes i can feel that Scarecrow is too much for finnish audience.

"Amores" EP was at least for myself a hard and ugly push. Production is rough and sounds like
Studiolive music. The song "Metal Scum" was made together with Ruho. The songs for this
release were picked randomly from all new songs we had. The idea of "La Maritza" song didnt
please guys in the beginning, but when we had made a demolition of it and with good arragement
we got it working like we wanted to. Recording cover songs is always very uncertain but
"La Maritza" was really something from the beginning!  The melody has always been the most
important thing to me. If there is no melody in the song, it has to be replaced with brutal rage
and violence so it would mean something. Melody, rhythm and meaning are things which are
leading quite far. We also recorded cover song named "Boys of Summer" and you can have
many opinions about the outcome . Among the years we had done many covers for
The Misfits, Ramones, Samhain, Ratsia, Riistetyt, Kaaos, Genocide Superstars, Manowar etc.
but there are few that have been good enough for releasing. "Amores" session was the last for
Grim in Scarecrow, because for now on he will be focusing in his own black metal projects.
"Metalscum" ja "Jesus,Lucifer and me" we filmed also as videos.

After "The Terror" we started immediately training new songs with new drummer Anza. We had
about twenty songs from we picked fifteen for recording.  At this time Grim composed three
songs at his own and I did three with Ruho. The rest of songs I made myself. The sound is more
metal and aggressive in this release and making the album was hard. It was made partly at the
"Cursed Studio" and the recording took over six months.  We left two songs outside from
the record "My name is kill" and "Doom Mistress" which was hidden track on Europe version.
In year 2013 we made "Flesheaters Tour" and visited for example in Romania and Bulgaria...
"Flesheaters" cd was also released in U.S.A by H.P.G.D records. In states we had to release
Flesheaters as "Flesheaters III" because it was promotion for some fucking vampire fangs!
What fucking bullshit is that?! "Skullfuckers" was also released as video.

Making of the "The Terror" album was very difficult. The timing to change  the drummer was bad. We
couldn`t accept the gigs for next year and recording songs delayed.  I had written 25 songs and made
demolition from them and it felt impossible to rehearse them with the band.  We splitted the songs in
two parts containing hard stuff and punkrock songs. Grim wroted two songs , "I`m not ready to die"
and "Deadend". The last one leaned outrageously from the song by GG. Allin.  Zombies-song didn`t
mean to be on the recording but it became one of the hardest songs on the release.  We got fourteen
songs for studio recording but "Frankenstein" and "Nightmare land" didn`t end up to the album. We
actually planned to release two albums "Terror" was fast, dark and aggressive. Project named
"Horror" would have been the other album in this session, and it would have been more melodic
and rocking stuff. But that never happened and it was really time to relax and take some oxygen.
In six months break I recorded solo project named Panzercrow : The Sound of horror.   I  took most
of the songs from the the songs which had left over from the Terror-recording. "Season of the witch" 
is only song which we had recorded earlier at the very first years. I played all the guitars and also
sang every song myself. The drums and the bass were played by JL Nokturnal from cult band Azaghal.
"The Terror" album didn`t get so much attention because of the break we had and after that we had to
begin everything from the start. But we did an extreme Baltic tour visiting Lithuania, Poland, Latvia. 
Among "the Terror" album we made also several videos like  "Morgue wedding", "Zombies" and
"I'm Not ready to die" which was filmed in -20 degrees celsius.

DEADCROW / Debut album
Writing the songs for the first full lenght album started right after "La Morte Vivante" release.
I had fifteen songs and at that moment our basist Petey didn`t have time to rehearse songs so he
was placed with Grim (Lathspell, hautakammio). Grim could play fast and also slow as death and
it meant that we had more strong sound in the band!  Grim also composed two songs for the record.
"Dying world" and "Crematory". "Don't open the cametary gates" song was recorded first time at
"La morte vivante" session, but it was left out until the "Deadcrow" album.  The "Deadcrow" album
was made easily. We got the songs on tape in three days at "Cursed Studio" Hyvinkää. The album
was released by DSB records, Deadclub distro and an Italian San Martin records. On vinyl we put
four fresh, unreleased tracks. Track "Apocalypse" it was recorded in "Deadcrow" sessions and
"Zombie go go/ Re-Animator" from "La morte vivante" sessions. There is also interesting cover
from awesome "Samhain's song "The Birthing" .  Before "Deadcrow" recordings we made couple
of studio sessions, but the songs were never released. We recorded few covers which came out
quite strange and I can clearly remember the brutal “Nightmary,” “sex, drugs and killer clowns”- songs.
The "Deadcrow" got freaking good judgement worldwide and the record had much demands. Starting
from the releasing day we had two weeks round in Germany. We played with many bands like Blitzkid,
Rawside, Unkind, So fucking what? and in very different occasions.
At the time "Deadcrow" was released our action was really busy.

After recording "La morte" we left first time to play at foreign lands. In 2006 we played six gigs with
an Italian band named  The Nerds. In Italy we played three gigs and in Asti, in bar named
Pussyrock we had really fucking fun playing! The record got good response and at that particular
moment  we knew that we would be ready for full album! . In La Morte-session we recorded over
ten songs, including outakes "Faceless", "Zombie go,go" and "Re-animator". Before releasing
a full length album we had made with J.Loikas/ Crused studio about 50 tracks, so recording
full length was quite easy with him. "Cursed studio" was doing good job and the co-operating with
the band worked fine! We also made our first song with Ruho ”Black bullet" and it gave some new
energy for the band. The songs were more aggressive than earlier and we had thought throat
singing more. Ruho had finally taken his place at guitarist in the band and was finding his own
brutal sound.

In these sessions all didn`t go right.  Actually everything went wrong and I must blame too much
hurry. We didn`t prepare enough for studio recording.  We had some great songs and some things
that advanced us as a band, but the outcome was not good. We released the record as simple cd
including these both EP:s. At the time I was concentrating more in the singing because playing
guitar and singing did`nt quite work for me especially at the gigs. From these sessions also left
over some tracks and they were released on some small collections which I have nowadays
no clue. These songs may be those, which later are difficult to find for own collections. Among
these sessions Ruho (lathspell, Hautakammio, Kaatopaikka, Frogskin) became stabled as
guitarist in our band although he originally had played drums in our first training in 1999.
We also made fucking weird music video from song "House 666", but also that has disappeared.
The split with "Sex sex sex" was something that I could`t earlier imagine.
It was very underground band and almost as old as I am.

"Creepshow" was our first real studio session and we recorded that 2002 on trio. I played all guitar by
myself. Ruho was on outer space and we practiced all songs without him. We recorded couple of
supershitty demos on our first years. Creepshow is recorded at Cursed studio and songs were more
hevier and faster than on early demos. We found that famous redstring. We were really excited about
Creepshow and I knew that we could do much better songs and sessions would be so easy.
Ofcourse Ruho's guitars on "evil never dies" session gave more good sound. Five month after
Creepshow we came back to studio to record "evil never dies". I didn't want to even think about
making full lenght album at those times. We recorded about ten songs in evil never dies sessions.
Writing is easy for me, i love writing new songs. We made 200 copies of "Evil never dies" on D.I.Y.
I Sent one copy to Devils shitburner records (Germany) and Frank, the master of label wanted to
release that on vinyl. I Already knew the label because I love band like Sex sex sex and
Genocide superstars, so i was so happy to our cooperations. "Evil never dies / Creepshow" 12" vinyl
is our first official release. DSB records gave us more energy and again only in six  months  we were
back in the studio. We made much gigs around Finland those days and we also recorded several
studio sessions.  

I Think END Session was great and we played several years those songs at our shows.
Also "Fuck he world" Split 7" with Sex sex sex was unbeleavable. Sex sex sex is very good ultra
underground band from Sweden. Scarecrow's DSB vinyl releases was one of my dream come true
moments. Early years all people assimilated us to Misfits and it was ok to me, although Misfits
was in my opinion, the best band in the world!  At the latest "Deadcrow" we were on our own,
never mind the Misfits..

Samsam got his first drumset on xmas 1999 and he hasn`t played drums never before in his life and
he was around fifteen years old. He came to play in Scarecrow and four month later we played our
first gig.Samsam`s playing was based on power and aggressive physics and at the moment it was
part of the stage show. The drums got totally broken. At our first gig we had Tom in vocals and
                                          James playing bass in group of five boys.
                                                 I was playing guitar with Ruho and
                                                    I did also of course the backing vocals.