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PANZERCROW "Nightmare returns"

Jack13's PANZERCROW "Nightmare returns" 12"Picture Vinyl
82 Records #8221 (2018)

Akeldama (fields of blood)
Black wizard
Burning angels

Dying is the name of the game
Nightmare returns
Return of the living dead
Another song of vincent price
Bone collector's song

All Songs Written by Jack13
Recorded and mixed by 82 Productions HVNK Finland 2017
Master by J.Loikas

Vocals, Guitars, Organs - Jack13
Drums – Määttä Von Wolfman
Bass - JLNokturnal
Backing vocals: Mika Vilen, Määttä
V-KhaoZ : Feat. Keyboards on couple tracks

What is Panzercrow? It's Jack 13's side project.
Main band is Finnish horror punk group Scarecrow.
"Nightmare returns" is third Panzercrow album.

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