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PANZERCROW "Unplugged of the dead"

Jack13's PANZERCROW "Unplugged of the dead" 10"
82 Records #8220

1. Night of the butterfly knives
2. Macabre night
3. Don't open the cemetary gates
4. Deadman

5. Nightride 3
6. Jesus, Lucifer and Me
7. Mutilated sweet heart
8. Land of the 1000 lakes
9. The Good, the Bad and the Dead

All Songs Written by Jack13
Recorded and mixed by 82 Productions HVNK Finland 2017
Master by J.Loikas

Vocals, Guitars, Organs - Jack13
Drums, Backing vocals – Määttä Von Wolfman
Upright Bass, Banjo: Henri Leppänen
Backing vocals and Feat.Guitar : Mika Vilen 

What is Panzercrow? It's Jack 13's side project.
Main band is Finnish horror punk group Scarecrow.
"Unplugged of the dead" is second Panzercrow album and it's recorded  acoustic. 
Album includes Some brand new song and several scarecrow songs.  

Panzercrow "Night of the butterfly knives" (Acoustic)

Release day 15.December 2017

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